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Northside Walking Tour Dublin Review


I went on the Northside walking tour because I thought learning about the darker sides of history would be very interesting…. The evening was very eventful, I recorded everything that happened upon my return to my hostel, and after a lot of debating with myself I would like to share my experiences with you.

My entire life I’ve been hypersensitive to emotions and the presence of ghosts, being able to see and feel them and not all of my experiences were pleasant. I knew that this tour would put me at risk but I figured that I’d be fine because I had learned how to protect myself over the years by manipulating my own energy into forming a shield….

When we started at the deconsecrated graveyard nothing happened and I figured it would stay that way, but then we reached St Mary’s Abbey. The moment we neared the building (we weren’t even near the alley yet) I started freaking out and I really didn’t want to be there, I did go in the alley though… because I’m too curious for my own good I suppose. Whatever was there drained me entirely of my energy, leaving me feeling weak, dizzy, nauseous and with a headache that lasted until we left. From that point on I lost my ability to shield myself.

As we started walking up the hangman’s road (whatever it’s called now) I felt hands on my back, pushing me forward, as if I wasn’t walking fast enough or being guided somewhere. Later, once we reached the point were our guide told us about Scaldbrother, I had a strong sense of déjavu. I had seen this before, listened to this story and standing that exact same location before… except that I’d never been to Dublin before in my life.

Once we went on to Hendrick street, I asked the ghost of the little girl to join me and I felt her presence (and a profound cold spot on my upper thigh) all the way there. Now, I didn’t feel anything from the spot were houses number 7 & 8 used to be… but the morgue gave me the creeps before I even knew what it was. The building behind me gave off such an angry vibe that I didn’t dare pass by too close to it. This is where I shot a picture with at least 4 to 7 orbs on it.

The barraks turned museum were an unpleasant experience, pain spiked trough my head upon approach and I couldn’t shake the feeling of being stared at from the second visible window on the second floor. I don’t think I’ll ever go in that building, not even during the day.

Croppie’s Acre… was very strange, it felt both full and empty at the same time and no sound seemed to come from there. The quiet felt unnatural and unsettling (it didn’t help that I still felt stared at from the window behind me) There was a cold wind that evening and though it wasn’t strong persé, it definitely tugged at our clothes and hair during the walk and when we passed Croppie’s Acre to go to the bank… and yet, I couldn’t detect a breeze coming from the field… it could’ve been nothing, but it struck me as odd.

My experiences ended after Croppie’s Acre, but I didn’t venture into the Brazen Head’s club so who knows… I did go back to St Mary’s Abby and the graveyard though. I wanted to take a picture of both places, something I forgot the first time around. Something showed up at the graveyard but I still didn’t feel all that much. Going to the Abby frightened me so much that I stayed a good distance away from the entrance of the alley and shot my picture from the street, zooming in on the corner where the guide told us a man could sometimes be seen. Nothing showed up on my picture.

I left the tour feeling very shaken and with the knowledge that my energy control still needs a lot of training XD Nevertheless, I learned a lot during the tour, it was interesting and the guide was very enthusiastic, and professional. It showed that she had a lot of knowledge on the subjects so my compliments to her. Also, I shared a bit of my experiences with her… thanks for not laughing at me, a lot of people would have done so the moment I told them that I can basically “see dead people.” Normal people might not go on another tour after they had experiences like mine, but I’m not normal I suppose, and I would definitely go on another one of your tours next time I’m in Dublin.. maybe go to the Hellfire Club and see what I find there.

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From 29

The stories begin with Trinity College where we transport you back some 600 years ago to when the old Augustinian Priory and of course the plague house were there. The latter of which the guide is all too familiar with…But just ignore the coughing and listen to his tales! Many believed that this was the end of days, but the history of Dublin and its horrors continued…