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The North Quay ghost tour

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Haunted Dublin Northside Exploration Tour

With more than a thousand years of history, Dublin is one of the most haunted cities in the world. Hidden Dublin Walks will take you through one of the oldest parts of Dublin; the area once known as Oxmantown.

This former Viking enclave has a rich haunted history. You will discover the site of Saint Mary’s Abbey; one of the most powerful monastic settlements in Ireland in medieval times, now just a small ruin down an alleyway, passed by thousands of oblivious commuters every day.

Hear the story of Lord Norbury, the infamous and sadistic ‘Hanging Judge’ who presided over the trial of Robert Emmet. Hated in life, in death he returned to continue his reign of terror.

Learn the legend of Scaldbrother, the infamous medieval thief whose buried treasure may still lie in a labyrinth of tunnels under Smithfield. Not to mention Billy the Bowl, the 18th-century murderer, born without legs, who once terrorized Stoneybatter and Grangegorman.

If you are feeling brave enough, we will take you down Hendrick Street, once the site of two of the most haunted houses in Dublin. Between them, nos. 7 & 8 Hendrick Street were home to no fewer than six different ghosts. Demolished in the 1960s, the houses are long gone, but the ghosts…?

And what of the haunted hospital? Ghostly nurses have been seen all the way down the block. Could they be the reason for office chairs spinning by themselves in an adjacent building? Or electronic toys turning on and off by themselves? Find out on this Northside ghost walk through Dublin!

You might want to steel your nerves before venturing with us to Croppie’s Acre. This long-abandoned site was used as a football pitch in the 20th century. Shocking when you consider that it is a mass grave – the final resting place of hundreds of rebels executed after the 1798 rebellion. If you are of a sensitive disposition, you may well come away feeling disturbed. Sometimes, the spirits here attempt communication!

You will also hear tell of the mummies of Saint Michan’s Church, surely the most macabre tourist attraction in Ireland, and a major inspiration to the young Bram Stoker, a native of Clontarf and author of Dracula.

As if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, you will also visit the site of a 21st-century apparition of the Virgin Mary. Thousands of passers-by claim to have seen the image on the wall. Can you?

And do be careful who you step on as we pass through the deconsecrated graveyard. The gravestones may have moved, but the bodies haven’t…

Whether you’re a native Dubliner or are visiting our fair city from far afield, come with us and discover the Hidden Dublin you never imagined was there…


"It was one of the best ghost tours I’ve been on. The whole group felt the temperature drop as we were leaving Saint Mary’s Abbey. It was really weird."

– Alison, San Francisco, California

"I liked that it took the subject seriously. These are real haunted places, and sensitive people on the tour definitely seemed to be experiencing something. Hendrick Street was interesting. One woman in the group who said she was psychic refused to go near the old funeral parlour"

– Paul, Dallas, Texas

"I’ve been in the Edinburgh vaults a couple of times, and never felt anything. What I liked about the Northside Ghost Walk is how ordinary some of the places are – shops, museums and parks that people use every day without realising what has happened there. I’ve never really been a believer, but I swear I saw someone walking through Croppie’s acre, and I got some really weird stuff in my photos there."

– Sarah, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Thanks a bunch, guys! I live on Hendrick Street, and after your tour I think I’m gonna have to move!"

– Ciaran, Dublin

"I highly recommend this tour to anyone who likes ghost stories. Don’t expect cheesy attempts to scare you – you’ll get true stories backed up by the true history behind the places. Some of these places will make your skin crawl!"

– Lisa, Washington D.C.

"I’m the biggest skeptic in the world, but something is just wrong with Hendrick Street!"

– John, Tuscaloosa, Alabama