Viking Dublin Walking Tour

Viking Dublin Tours & Walks

Price: €19

Meeting Point: Outside Hidden Dublin Tourist Office, 4 Westmoreland Street

Departs Every: Tuesday

Departure Time: 7pm

Tour Duration: 1.5hrs


Viking Dublin Walking Tour This walk chronicles the history of Dublin from her birth at the hands of the Vikings to the Norman invasion of Ireland. Hear about the ancient settlement of "Eblana", the Pre-Viking Celtic monastic settlement that gives Dublin her modern Irish name, The coming of St Patrick and the spread of what was back then a very strange and "paganistic" brand of Christianity, the coming of the Vikings, the "Dubh linn", where their settlement was and how the Dublin Vikings lived and died, the "thigmote", the largest slave market in Europe (specialising in English slaves!) and some surprisingly gory and tortuous methods of Viking execution. Learn about the two great Dublin cathedrals, one Viking, one Norman, the bloody expulsion of the Vikings from their own city, Brian Boru, which Pope authorised the British to invade Ireland, the Norman invasion of Ireland and why the British were actually originally invited by the Irish to invade this country!


I knew Dublin was a Viking city, but I never knew it had the largest slave market in Europe! I will never take an open top bus again!
Anni, Trondheim, Norway
My ancestry is Irish and Viking, so I really enjoyed the Viking, Celtic and Norman tour. I found it interesting that the Normans threw the Vikings out of their own city, but only about twenty feet to the other side of the river! I can’t wait to tell my friends how the tour ended in a medieval bar that’s been running since 1198! Cool!
Sam, Boston, Massachusetts

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