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Gravedigger Ghost Ship Famine Chapter 2

Quick Details

Person All Ages

The Ghost Ship Is the Next Chapter in the Grave digger franchise (Famine)

Go back in time to the Great Famine on a purpose-built ship like ghost bus Lead by a ghostly figure as your host.
Drift through Dublin’s (supposedly) fair city and learn its ghostly history including An Gorta Mor (the Great Hunger).

The next chapter of the Gravedigger franchise (GhostShip) has been custom built to give you an eerie feel of what a ‘coffin ship’ (as referred to back then) would have looked like.
Climb onboard with great hopes to travel in search of new land and survival and enter a dark, 4D interactive storytelling experience. Will you make it out alive and live to tell the tale of the ghost ship or will you become another statistic of the many coffin ships that now rest in peace?

Experience the dark and crowded conditions Dubliners faced on their journey years ago. Stay below deck in the darkness of the damp, dreary, horrible hold. Learn what it felt like to share a small bunk with up to 6 strangers traveling through horrible storms.

Other stories include stepping into the boots of Mr harkin and the Theft of Dead Bodies as he evades the night watchmen with your help.

Throughout your journey, make 4 stops to see St. Patricks Cathedral, St. Stephens Green, the Black Church, and St. Audeons. At Christ Chruch, go for a short walk and finish next to a haunted pub of your choice.

This tour you will experience turbulence and flashing lights, fog and water splash.