Saints and Sinners Walking Tour

Saints And Sinners Dublin Tours & Walks

Price: €19

Meeting Point: Outside Hidden Dublin Tourist Office, 4 Westmoreland Street

Departs Every: Wednesday

Departure Time: 7pm

Tour Duration: 1.5hrs


Dublin Walking Tour

Ireland's chequered sexual history is more contradictory and at times heart wrenching than any other country in Europe. From Celtic times to the modern day we will see how and why Ireland's views on sex and love have changed so drastically and what role the Church had to play in moral shifts. See what used to be Europe's largest and most notorious red-light district known as Dublin's "Monto", and hear about what happened to the poor girls who worked in Monto when it was successfully shut down. Learn about Magdalene laundries and the horrors that young Irish women had to face in them, sexual "crimes" such as "being too pretty", the trials and executions of homosexuals and the rip roaring underground gay scene of 19th century Dublin. Meet some of Dublin's most notorious sinners, including the member of the royal family who lost his virginity in Monto, Father Patrick Fay, the priest who would marry anyone and anything as long as the couple could produce the cash, and John Atherton a staunch campaigner to introduce the death penalty for homosexual acts who certainly got his come uppance in the end.

Forget Dublin's fair city - Sexual excess, repression, hypocrisy, hilarity and tribulation are all here on Dublin's only Saints And Sinners walking tour!

A Vice Day Out For Curious Tourists
"FORGET DUBLINS FAIR CITY - Curious visitors will soon be queueing up to learn the secrets of our SIN CITY capital" - by Claudine O'Reilly - Irish News


I enjoyed the tour very much. I can’t believe how far Ireland has come. You used to execute people just for being gay! And the bit about the ladies bringing condoms into Dublin at Connolly station was amazing. Good for them! At least you’re not repressed any more – look at Father Ted and Graham Norton! Katie was a mine of knowledge – you can tell she really knows her subject!
Gary, Birmingham, England
I’ve lived in Dublin all my life, and was never quite sure where the Monto was until now! Great stuff!
Frank, Donaghmede
Very entertaining. Some of the stories were really sad. Can’t believe how the Magdalene Laundries got away with it for so long.
– Paul, Dublin
I liked the part about Ann Summers. I can’t believe people were complaining that it was opposite the G.P.O! Move with the times, Ireland!
Jeroen, Amsterdam
Never knew Catholic Dublin had the biggest red light district in Europe. Amazing!
Pat, Galway

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