Walking Tour Dublin

Dublin's history from the middle ages and early modern period is as gruesome and fascinating as they come. We see all the remaining sites of interest in the old town as well as hearing about Black Monday, the bubonic plague, how it affected Dublin and first hand accounts of what Dubliners thought of it, as well as finding the surprising location of one of Dublin's plague pits. Bloody and public executions were Dublin's main entertainment of the day, we see where they were committed and find out the peculiar medieval story of how "misery hill" got its name.

Red Hugh's epic escape is one of Dublin's most famous stories, hear this amazing tale from our history and see where it happened. Hidden Dublin strives to give our customers an understanding of the medieval Dubliners' mentalities using as many primary sources as possible. With bull baiting, leprosy and a bit of witchcraft and witch trials thrown in to the mix, this is one of Dublin's most fascinating periods of history.

Contact Us today to arrange a private 19th Century Dublin Walking tour for your group. Meeting point - Top Of Grafton Street (Opposite Butler's Chocolate Cafe)


I knew Dublin was a Viking city, but I never knew it had the largest slave market in Europe! I will never take an open top bus again!
Anni, Trondheim, Norway
My ancestry is Irish and Viking, so I really enjoyed the Viking, Celtic and Norman tour. I found it interesting that the Normans threw the Vikings out of their own city, but only about twenty feet to the other side of the river! I can’t wait to tell my friends how the tour ended in a medieval bar that’s been running since 1198! Cool!
Tommy, Boston, Massachusetts