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Haunted House Dublin

Price: €15

Meeting Point: 11 Anglesea Street, Temple Bar, Dublin

Departure Time: Every 15 mins (2-11pm)

Tour Duration: Approx 20 mins

Season: Every Day

Dublin's Only Haunted House Attraction!

Come Meet Alan, the current caretaker of the house as you walk through 3 floors of horror, frights, spirits, tunnels, necromancy and more in our authentic building from 1840!

Alan grew up in here with his mother who worked as a maid for Dr Lucien. Since there are no living relatives of the family the estate has been left in his hands. He still speaks highly of them despite the rumours of evil and black magic that have been associated with the house for the past two centuries.

Bertrand, a wealthy landowner and grandfather of Dr Lucien, who made his fortune in the slave trade, built the house in 1840. Including a network of tunnels below the house that lead all over Dublin. Built during the Irish Famine, he exploited desperate labourers to carry out the work. Rumour has it that once finished, he trapped the workers inside to prevent word getting out about his secret tunnels, leaving them to die underground. We will show you the EXACT spot inside on your visit!

His only daughter Helena lived her entire life in the house, marred with madness and tragedy. After the death of her first son she became deeply involved in the occult and dark magic, becoming reclusive. Seemingly to cope with the loss she opened a care home taking in children. After a time the locals began to notice that the children staying there would suddenly disappear never to be seen again, with only vague reassurances that they had moved to the country. Rumours quickly spread that she was using them in human sacrifice rituals in an effort to resurrect her own son. Shortly after the death of her first son Lucien was born. Many people believed that he was in fact her first son brought back to life through blood magic. Helena descended deeper into madness with only her son Lucien to care for her.

Lucien was a bright child, but not particularly compassionate towards his mother. As she grew older and hysterical it is said he would neglect his mother, even chaining her to the bed for days on end. Neighbours reported that they could hear her screaming day and night. She eventually died in the house and is supposedly buried underneath the house in a family vault.

Lucien graduated as a doctor with the highest honours, but always lacked a good bedside manner and gained a reputation as cold and unfeeling. He had a morbid curiosity and fascination with the human body. He cruelly took advantage of those in need seeking his help, offering free medical advice to the poor while secretly doing experiments on them. His lost his medical licence but continued to practice, including performing backstreet abortions.

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