The Perseverance - Fleeing The Famine Tour

Travel with us on board The Perseverance as we remember The Great Hunger of 1845.


Named after one of the first Famine Ships to set sail from Dublin filled with passengers fleeing the famine, The Perseverance is a 1 hour 45 minute interactive bus tour featuring professional actors.

Journey with our actors through the history that led to the famine and follow in the footsteps of those who fought to survive the hunger that ravaged the people of Ireland.

You will be transported back in time by our actors through storytelling, song, music and verse as they tell the story of one of the most devastating periods of Ireland’s history.

- Come with us along the ‘cosan na marbh’ – ‘the pathway of the dead’ to the site of one of Dublin’s former workhouses. It was to the workhouses many of the starving people across Ireland fled in the hope of shelter and food. Hear about the daily lives of those ‘lucky’ enough to get in.

- O’ Connell Street is one of Ireland’s most famous streets, home to some of its most important landmarks, including the Daniel O’Connell statue. Learn why he is central to Irish history and a hero to many as he struggled against the laws and beliefs in England that led to what is perceived as a policy of starvation in Ireland.

- Visit one of Ireland’s newest and most poignant landmarks. The Famine Memorial sculpture created by Rowan Gillespie stands on Custom House Quay at the departure site of the Perseverance. From here thousands of Irish people boarded ships desperately hoping to escape the famine to build new lives in America.

- See a famine ship and hear about the often treacherous conditions on board, unfortunately escape from the famine in Ireland did not always ensure survival.

- The Diaspora. Hear the legacy left by the famine and the impact that those who persevered and survived had on the world they escaped to.

An Gorta Mór --"the great hunger", left its mark not only on Ireland but across the world as Ireland fled the horrors of Famine. Join us on our journey from starvation to survival.

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