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With Hidden Dublin Tours, reveal the dark mysteries and histories across a variety of historical periods and unique sightseeing locations frequented only by us. We focus on the characters, and CUSTOM BUILD our tour buses - that's why we are different!

Dublin Sightseeing Tours Our Dublin Tours do not focus on dry history and historical analysis of architecture. This city has produced some quite astounding characters and stories across the centuries. Stories of the cheekier characters from history are always the stories that people remember and take away with them, we know this! We try to evoke what life must have been like by placing these people and events in their time frames, helping the visitor gain an insight into the mentality and "craic" of the day.

Facebook Our Bus and Walking tours are interactive, and our guides equipped with visuals to help evoke life as it was. You won't hear our stories anywhere else!

If you dare, come along on Dublin's most terrifying experience - The Haunted Hellfire Club Excursion. Visit one of Ireland's most lonely and infamous places. The burnt out shell of this hunting lodge dating from 1725 is known for its association with Satanism, the supernatural and the occult. Be warned! Although this desolate place is miles from civilisation it has witnessed activities that should not be seen by anyone on this earthly plain.

Fancy an interactive 4D bus ride? Unearth your darker side on Ireland's only Gravedigger Ghost tour, complete with crypt and our very own "Plague Victims". Click here to read about Dublin's most exciting and unique bus tour.

Embrace your rebel side! 1916 Ride the revolution and meet the men and women who made it happen. Our 'Rise of the Rebels' tour features professional actors on a custom designed 'safe-house' bus. Discover what Ireland was like before the 1916 Easter Rising and how the social changes with turbulent times sowed the seeds for the start of Ireland’s fight for freedom.

Traditional Irish Storytelling with a twist! - Join us on a magical bus journey for stories of a time gone by when Pookas, fairies and giants roamed this land.! Hear tales of how the Vikings were outsmarted by three Leprechauns, of epic battles and dangerous quests, of magic spells and true love – all whilst visiting the site of Irelands greatest battle onboard our custom built storytelling bus - complete with bar!

The Northside Ghost Walk will take you through one of the oldest parts of Dublin; the area once known as Oxmantown. This former Viking enclave has a rich haunted history. Traditionally the "wrong side of the river" the Northside has experienced some of Dublin's most terrible events. Learn the legend of Scaldbrother, the infamous medieval thief whose buried treasure may still lie in a labyrinth of tunnels under Smithfield!

On our Haunted History Tour, let us lead you through the eerie, cobblestoned streets of old-town Dublin, hearing tales from the underbelly of this city, such as the burning of 18th century madam Darkey "The Witch" Kelly, the tragic tale of The Green Lady of St. Audoen's and how Dublin's "Hell" got its name. Be warned...we have a key!

Travel with us on board The Perseverance as we remember The Great Hunger of 1845.Once onboard, let our actors guide you through Ireland in famine years, discover the impact of British rule and the horrors of starvation and pestilence. Experience the voyages overseas, the thrilling rescues and tragic ends. Listen to songs of sorrow and escape and witness the resilience of the Irish spirit.


Hidden Dublin Tours and Sightseeing Tours can customise an itinerary to suit your group needs, be it educational or simply recreational. Click here for more details. Private tours can be arranged for a weekday or weekend, day or evening. We can accommodate 1 or 100 walkers and any number of buses required.

About Us

Hidden Dublin Tours is one of Europe's best established and most diverse tour companies. From a birth in Dublin's dark mysteries and colourful history, we expanded across a variety of historical periods and began offering tours to unique sightseeing locations across the country, frequented only by us. From here, we have grown to also offer traditional tours to some of Ireland's most unique and beautiful locations. Discover why a tour with us is something you will not forget! We focus on the characters, love the outdoors, and CUSTOM BUILD our UNIQUE NOT TO BE MISSED tour buses. That's why we are different!