Dublin Tours And Walks

It is said by many that Dublin experienced a golden age during the 19th century, or "the Georgian period" as many like to put it. Great splendour and wealth abounded, the arts thrived and Dublin produced some of its greatest people such as well known authors James Joyce and Oscar Wilde. Furthermore, Dublin's most beautiful visible architecture comes from this period. However, if we scratch the thin layer of extreme wealth and cultural sophistication we come across a darker side of the Georgian period, the desperation of the poor during a time in which slums, child labour, famine, soup-kitchens and workhouses existed for the majority of the Irish. Hidden Dublin Tours has dredged up from the pages of history the most fascinating of characters and events, people who could only existed and gotten away with their cheekiness in Ireland : such as the "prince of pickpockets" notorious in London and Dublin for his thieving ways, but on stepping ashore after transportation to Australia was made chief of police, or Mad Fightin' Fitz, so wealthy that his only past time was shooting at people on Dublin's streets with his pistol trying to incite them to duel with him, or even "the walking gallows", judge jury and executioner all in one need we say more?

Besides this we will see the remaining highlights of Georgian architecture and the stories of fabulous events which took place there, such as how the disastrous 19th century fire at Custom's House ended up becoming Dublin's largest ever alcohol fuelled street party.

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